About hellocharlieee

My name is Charlie (obviously) and I really love Fashion and Beauty hence why I have decided to create this blog. There may occasionally be lifestyle pieces, it'll probably depend if I deem the subject important (or funny) enough. I'd love to work in the Fashion/Beauty industries in the future and particularly the media. 

I had to settle for the username "hellocharliee" with 3 e's as it was practically impossible to be able to get a twitter username, email address and blogspot address that would correspond with each other. 

I'm a full-time student at Cardiff Metropolitan University (formally UWIC, and yes, I am bitter about the change to a Metropolitan). I study Modern History and English which are subjects I really love to study. I'm in my third year and currently starting my Dissertation (ARGHHH!). Blogging may not necessarily be able to be a priority for a while due to the volume of work I do have but I will definitely try and make the effort so stick with me and I Brownie promise I'll do my best.

Lots of Love,



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